JOG THE WEB is a web-based tool that allows anyone to create a synchronous guide to a series of web sites.
Its step by step approach of taking viewers through web sites allowing the author to annotate and ask guiding questions for each page is unique.
Give it a try and start creating your own Jogs.

New : We have finally found a fix for the Framebuster issue (you know, those pages which systematically made the jog disappear...). A pop-up now warns you that you are about to leave the jog and if you click on "Cancel" the rebellious page displays within the jog and you can move on.

Happy Holidays

122 Steps

Everything For Winter, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa!

Author : Creative321 63331 Views

Christmas Cookie Recipes

9 Steps

Author : jmarin2 9613 Views

Interactive Christmas

126 Steps

A Collection of Sites that could be used on the interactive whiteboards, computer labs and/or individual computers.

Author : techcoach2010 16896 Views

Christmas Cake Recipies

11 Steps

A list of wonderful, delicious Christmas cakes....

Author : 13shenmy1 7268 Views

Merry Christmas

16 Steps

Christmas Cards


JogTheWeb Tutorial

7 Steps

So many tools made by yourself! Enjoy

Author : mog 6076 Views

Letters to Santa

12 Steps

Author : Mrs.English 5618 Views